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Production Machineries

Equipped by 34 stamping machines ranging from 35 to 300 tonnes with progressive and manual operation.

Our in-house secondary process capabilities include Spot Weld Machines, Tapping Machines, Riveting Machines, and Automated Ultrasonic Degreasing Machine.

Technical Equipment / Machinery List (Tool Room)

Proficient in designing a wide range of tooling from compound tool to progressive tool.

A comprehensive range of in-house facilities including CNC machines, wire cutting machines, Drilling Machines, Lathe Machines, Milling machines and others.

Quality Control Equipment

  • CMM Machine
  • OVM / Vision System
  • Height Gauge
  • Profile Projector
  • Push Pull Gauge
  • Calliper
  • Torque Gauge

Sewing Department

  • 9 units of Single Needle Machine
  • 1 unit of Double Needle Machine
  • 2 units of Mikap machine
  • 1 unit of overlock machine
  • 1 unit of Bartac machine
  • 1 unit of Snap Buttom Machine
  • 1 unit of Heat Seal machine
  • 1 unit of Thread Winding Machine
  • 1 unit of Fabric cutter